HISTORY- Chris Chambless at AMBITION 2008

November 17, 2014
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Were you at AMBITION 2008?  Listen to Chris Chambless' speech from that year. 

HISTORY- Jere Thompson Jr at AMBITION 2008

November 10, 2014
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This week, we present a piece of Ambit history that still resonates today: Co-Founder Jere Thompson, Jr.’s address from AMBITION 2008. 

It’s About Creating Yourself- EC Pat Flander at AMBITION 2014

November 3, 2014
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When Executive Pat Flander spoke at AMBITION 2014 Opening Session, people listened.  You requested to hear it once more, so here is his powerful and moving testimony.

Chris Chambless Addresses AMBITION 2014- Part 2

October 27, 2014
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This week we rejoin our Chief Marketing officer and Co-Founder Chris Chambless for part 2 of his speech from AMBITION 2014.  To recap, Chris is speaking about journeys of discovery and it’s impact on you as Consultants. Today you will hear about how you can exercise your courage in pursuit of a dream. 

Chris Chambless Addresses AMBITION 2014- Part 1

October 20, 2014
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Once again we are pulling from AMBITION 2014 for today's episode as we have Part One of Chris Chambless’ address to you our consultants. Chris talks about an amazing hike that is both personal and historical.  So tell your team to listen today to the first of two episodes.

Jere Thompson Jr Addresses AMBITION 2014

October 13, 2014
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Co-Founder and CEO Jere Thompson, Jr. addresses the crowd at AMBITION 2014. Don't miss this informative and important talk as he shares his vision for Ambit and we prepare to move forward into 2015.

The Power of Saying Yes- 2014 Thompson Leadership Award Winners NCs Chris and Debbie Atkinson

October 6, 2014
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"People Helping People!" That is what National Consultants Chris and Debbie Atkinson are all about.  That is also a big reason why they are the 2014 Thompson Leadership Award winners.  They talk about their philosophy today on the podcast.

Ready to Run With You- 2014 Co-Founders Impact Award Winners NCs Jim & Kim Mason

September 29, 2014
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This was a huge AMBITION for Jim and Kim Mason—they were promoted to National Consultants and won the Co-Founders Impact Award. Listen how they felt about achieving this amazing double.

Laser-Focused on Helping Many- 2014 Crystal Sphere Award Winner, EC Kirk Horan

September 22, 2014
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Fireman and Executive Consultant Kirk Horan says, "Go out and be proud of your Ambit business. It is not our job to decide for someone else if they want to invest money. It is our job to show this incredible opportunity to as many people as we can get to look!!"  This Ambit Evangelist talks about receiving the Crystal Sphere Award.

The Power of the Made Up Mind- 2014 Ronny Kirkland Perseverance Award Winner, EC Dave Wilkerson

September 15, 2014
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Hear from EC Dave Wilkerson, this year’s Ronny Kirkland Perseverance Award Winner, as he pays tribute to Ronny and reflects on how he felt to be bestowed with this honor.