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Ambit Journeys- ECs Ward Miller & Kevin Finch

April 21st, 2014

Executive Consultants Ward Miller & Kevin Finch have been with Ambit since the early days.  Today we hear about the first ever Ambit business presentation and how they got involved with our company. This is another of our Ambit Journeys where we get a little insight into the Consultant journey.
If you have a great story to share about how Ambit changed your life or if you have heard a story you think is worthy of the podcast, please contact us at  We would love to spread the word.
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Ambit Journeys- NC Thien Bui

April 14th, 2014

Today, at your request, we start a new series called Ambit Journeys where we talk to our Consultants about their backgrounds before Ambit, and how Ambit has impacted their lives for the better.

In this episode we speak with NC Thien Bui, who came to the USA as a three year old, as one of Vietnam's "Boat People."  This is an impactful story about his personal journey from his arrival through school teacher to Ambit.
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NC Ray Montie – The Proven System

April 7th, 2014


There’s a reason there are so many successful Ambit Consultants. The proven Ambit system does the work for you!  

Don’t take our word for it. Just listen to award-winning National Consultant Ray Montie’s Simulcast 2014 training. Ray talks about the importance of following the Ambit system and tells you the three things you need to do to be successful in 2014. 
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NC Brian McClure – Ambit vs Product Based Direct Selling Companies

March 31st, 2014


For six straight years, National Consultant Brian McClure has been Ambit Energy’s Number #1 Income Earner. Joining Ambit was clearly the right choice for Brian, and now he shares why it’s also a smart choice for you.

Listen and learn from Brian's Simulcast 2014 training on what sets Ambit apart from all the rest. 

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EC Joey Carter – Maintaining Integrity As You Grow Your Business

March 24th, 2014

At Ambit, we never sacrifice integrity for growth. On this week’s podcast, you’ll hear Executive Consultant Joey Carter speak about how essential this philosophy is to your business.

Listen and learn from this Simulcast 2014 training on the importance of operating your Ambit business with integrity
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NC Steve Thompson – The Power of the Comp Plan

March 17th, 2014

Ambit has a compensation plan like no other network marketing company out there.  But how do you as a new Consultant leverage the plan and start hitting the goals you have set for yourself?

Well, in today’s podcast we have a Simulcast training from none other than $5 million club member, Co-Founders Impact award winner, best selling author and National Consultant Steve Thompson.  Steve says never, ever, quit.  And armed with his insight on Ambit’s Compensation Plan, I am confident that you won’t.  Sit back and learn from an Ambit legend as Steve trains you on the Compensation Plan.
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NC Damien Pechacek & EC Tom Daidone – Plug Them In

March 10th, 2014

Ambit is all about relationships, that’s why it’s essential to stay in touch with your consultants as they start to build their own Ambit businesses.  Investing your time and effort in working with your new Consultants pays off by working for you as well as others.

On today's podcast we have top Ambit team builders and mentors training you on the importance of getting your team plugged in.  National Consultant Damien Pechacheck and Executive Consultant Tom Daidone walk you through this Simulcast 2014 training.
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ECs Jim & Kim Mason & Adam & Michelle Carey –The Three-Way Call

March 3rd, 2014

A well-handled 3-way call is a great way to utilize your upline to help seal the deal with a prospective Consultant. It’s also a golden opportunity to get your prospect the information they need to be a successful part of your team. 

On today’s podcast we have 3-way call training from Simulcast 2014 with EC’s Jim & Kim Mason and Adam & Michelle Carey. Listen and learn how to make a seamless and effective 3-way call. 
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NC Shawn Cornett & EC Mary Amoedo – The Presentation

February 24th, 2014

For many Consultants, the initial presentation is the most challenging part of introducing prospects to the Ambit Opportunity. On today’s podcast, NC Shawn Cornett and EC Mary Amoedo teach you how to make a quality first impression.

Listen to this training from Simulcast 2014 and learn how to make a strong, simple presentation from these two award-winning Consultants.
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EC Coach Alan Johnston – Setting Goals

February 17th, 2014

Do you set goals for yourself?  In this weeks podcast we hear the much asked for Simulcast 2014 training by Executive Consultant Coach Alan Johnston.  

Coach certainly knows the importance of setting goals.  So sit back and listen to this great training

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